Lotus Leaf


Lotus leaf is grown in the tropical regions of the Middle-East and Asia and is best known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine. Having been used by Chinese medical practitioners for numerous centuries, it is only recently that modern scientific research has corroborated the health benefits of the lotus leaf. Recent studies have found that lotus leaf extract has a positive effect on the body’s metabolism and stimulates the breakdown of fats. The lotus leaf is also known to provide a natural remedy to various conditions such as hematemesis (vomiting with blood) and hematuria (blood in urine).

There are numerous additional health benefits associated with the lotus leaf. Not only does the lotus leaf improve the digestion process, it also helps in the cleansing of the spleen. The lotus leaf plays a significant role in promoting liver health as well as invigorating your blood thus having an overall beneficial effect on your circulatory system. Chaoji contains a significant lotus leaf extract that ensures you can use Chaoji not only as a weight loss solution, but also for remedial purposes.


  • Improves digestion process
  • Cleansing of spleen
  • Reduction of cholesterol levels
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Natural remedy for hematemesis
  • Natural cure for hematuria