Oolong Leaves

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Oolong leaves come from the Camellia Sinensis plant which are native to Asia and cultivated across the tropical regions of the world. Once it has been harvested Oolong tea is oxidised for a certain period of time before being dried. This period of oxidation is what differentiates Oolong tea from Black tea, White tea and other forms of tea. Aside from the health benefits, one of the main advantages of having Oolong leaves in our green tea is the taste. Oolong leaves are renowned for being enormously tasty and they bring a delicious new flavour to Chaoji Tea.

Chaoji Tea contains a variety of natural ingredients, all of which provide numerous health benefits and the most effective of which is the Oolong leaf. Many of the Oolong benefits are listed below.

100% Natural

All the ingredients in Chaoji Tea are 100% natural. From lotus leaves and oolong leaves to cassia seeds, each component of our tea is personally handpicked by dedicated employees who search through the various plants to find the most fitting leaves. Oolong leaves are often processed differently to attain various levels of oxidation and provide a range of diverse Oolong benefits.

Benefits include:


Increase Fat Loss – The polyphenols contained in oolong leaves activate the enzymes that help to increase the metabolism and burn fat.

Combat of Dangerous Free Radicals – Free radicals are harmful compounds that exist in the body. These compounds are known to damage cells and things like aging and cancer.

Treat Diabetes – Oolong tea helps to control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes.

Reduce High Blood Pressure – Studies have shown that people who drank beverages that contained oolong leaves were 45% less likely to have high blood pressure than non-drinkers.

Reduce Risk of Heart Disease – In numerous studies carried out in 2010 onwards, researchers found that consumption of oolong leaves had the effect of lowering the risk of heart disease.